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Our service is truly end to end—combining technology, media, and high-touch service that we tailor in real time to achieve the outcomes you want.

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Create genuinely engaged audiences by connecting your brand with the hottest talent in the smartest, most authentic ways possible.

Creative chops.

We deliver 100% custom content from concept to production—originals, integrations, shoutouts, and more.


Ditch ham-handed product placement for influencers who fit your brand and genuinely get through to your audience.

Brand safety.

Sleep well knowing your brand message will be seen in the right context, alongside the right talent and content.

Channel Management

Lead A Revolution.

Supercharge your YouTube presence with Channel+, our white-glove agency service and tech offering that builds your brand into an engagement powerhouse.

Channel optimization.

Whip your channel into shape with data-driven insights that tell you right away which content works and which doesn’t.

Content strategy.

Upgrade your YouTube feed from a dumping ground for promo spots to a strategic asset that showcases compelling video.

Community management.

Develop and scale authentic, emotional connections that turn customers into die-hard brand advocates.

Targeted Media

Aim Higher.

Reach the generation you thought you couldn’t reach with solutions that break through the noise to exactly the right viewers.

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Scalable reach.

Take advantage of our massive reach against the most premium content on YouTube channels that matter.

Unparalleled insights.

Pinpoint and retarget your message with our best-in-class data on audience demographics, behaviors, and motivations.

Guaranteed share of voice.

We have exclusive first sales rights against the best YouTube channels and the ability to roadblock with 100% SOV takeovers.

Channel Management


Establish a thriving online video community for NBC that carries over to TV viewership and new traffic to

Fullscreen's hub-and-spoke approach scaled NBC's YouTube presence massively from to 23 show-specific channels and used cross-promotion to route traffic strategically across NBC's properties. Our Channel+ team developed a rigorous new content strategy that spotlighted trending NBC content in different ways, boosted search and discovery, and used annotations and other best practices to maximize traffic—all topped off with targeted influencer marketing.

  • 21 channels added
  • 43x more views in 18 months
  • 116x increase in subscribers

Channel Management

Cartoon Network

Transform CN's YouTube presence from a dumping ground for TV spots to a content destination that maximizes CN's backlist and drives viewership

After analyzing performance of CN's existing YouTube assets, Fullscreen's Channel+ team constructed a new programming and content strategy to maximize the power of CN's existing content and superserve segments of CN's audience who were already engaged with the brand. CN's YouTube release schedule now mixes promotional material with long-form content, exclusives, best-ofs, and mashups, largely drawn from content CN already had.

  • 50M organic views
  • 72% increase in views
  • 127% increase in subscribers

Channel Management


Drive awareness, TV tune-in, live voting, and digital music purchases from teen music fans on YouTube

Campaign: The X Factor

Fullscreen's Channel+ team kicked off by helping FOX overhaul its channel design, SEO approach, metadata, playlists, cross-promotional tactics, and analytics reporting. We boosted tune-in by turning clips live right when The X Factor aired, while our social tactics got videos and custom hashtags trending on Twitter and Facebook. After the results quickly proved themselves, we scaled this approach beyond The X Factor into a longer-term engagement to build YouTube communities around Glee, American Idol, The Following, and other major FOX properties.

  • 500% subscriber growth
  • 94% increase in views
  • 3.3 billion views
  • 304K clicks to iTunes
  • 39K clicks to contestant

Channel Management


Bolster GE's brand image as a cutting-edge tech company by driving engagement with original video content

Fullscreen's Channel+ team helped GE reimagine its YouTube presence as a cool educational destination for insightful tech content. We turned each new piece of content into a mini-campaign and pushed it out on GE's behalf, optimizing each release for SEO and managing social amplification across GE's other channels and assets. To complement these channel strategy efforts, we helped produce custom content for GE on everything from 3D printing to hydrophobic manufacturing technology, featuring top online video tech talent like AsapSCIENCE and the Slow Mo Guys.

  • 500% subscriber growth
  • 117% increase in user engagement

Custom Content


Drive authentic awareness and engagement for the new 2013 line of Ford products

Campaign: One Tank Adventure

Fullscreen partnered with our filmmaker DevinSuperTramp to conceive and produce the original series “One Tank of Gas,” featuring four wild stunt videos and their respective behind-the-scenes stories, all showcasing extreme outdoor adventures Devin and his friends could have on a single tank of gas. Ford's first foray into custom influencer videos was a dazzling success: Devin's series blew viewers away, fans participated via the #onetankadventure hashtag, and Ford conveyed its brand message while getting more clickthroughs to its build-a-Ford website from Devin's channel than from any other outlet.

Fullscreen opened the lines of communication with the content creators and also became a partner with us and our agency, both from a creative and media level. –Ford
  • 3M+ video views
  • 84K likes on YouTube
  • 99% favorable sentiment
  • 11% total engagement

Custom Content


Help Sony promote the launch of the new PlayStation 4 and the action video game Knack

Campaign: PS4 / Knack

Fullscreen enlisted our tech aficionado and influencer UnboxTherapy to produce an unboxing video detailing the phenomenal new features of Sony's PS4 console in stunning 4K video quality. UnboxTherapy not only showcased the PS4 itself but also featured some of the awesome highlights of Sony's Knack game through high-octane gameplay.

  • 200K+ views
  • 8K+ likes
  • 1K+ comments
  • 105K+ total social impressions

Custom Content


Help Southeast Toyota build awareness and change perceptions for the 2014 Toyota Corolla launch

Campaign: Corolla

Fullscreen rolled out custom content initiatives to support two of Toyota's Corolla-centered campaigns. For CorollaCade, we created a custom arcade cabinet and video game to show off the features of the 2014 Corolla, using virtual reality tech from Oculus Rift to turn out an extraordinary gaming experience. We also produced a bonus behind-the-scenes video. For Corolla's Music Chop Shop, we featured the 2014 Corolla as the star in a music video for singer-songwriter powerhouse Tyler Ward's hit single "Forever Starts Tonight." The video concept centers around the Corolla as the ultimate experience vehicle by highlighting the features of the car that make for lasting memories.

  • 820K+ total views
  • 972K+ total impression
  • 17K+ total clicks

Custom Content


Freshen AARP's image online by developing an original series with genuine, brand-safe content and a one-of-a-kind star

Campaign: Takei's Take

We saw an unlikely opportunity for success on YouTube by affiliating AARP with resurgent star and social media master George Takei. We created a series concept for George that would hook viewers in, developed a spec script and episode, and produced the series. Takei's Take explores the world of technology, trends, current events and pop culture in a coffee-talk format anchored by George's signature wit and charm—all with tasteful branding and a light touch. George and viewers alike loved it, and AARP scored points with its target demographic and beyond. Our expertise managing SEO and discoverability, riding trends, and amplifying across social platforms have brought Takei's Take to heights far beyond anything AARP had seen before. Our relationship has grown, and our Channel+ team now manages AARP's channels and social assets.

  • 90K more subscribers
  • 1M+ series views
  • 99% positive sentiment
Video Ad

Targeted Media


Drive views and awareness for @SummerBreak, AT&T's original reality series about Southern California teens in their last summer before college

Campaign: @SummerBreak

Sample Ad 30x60 Ad Roadblock caption example Fullscreen launched a holistic, hypertargeted TrueView digital media campaign to tie together multiple @SummerBreak content platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr, and guarantee views against reality show enthusiasts age 13–24 across desktop, mobile, and tablet. Our main focus was creating buzz on YouTube for @SummerBreak to drive tune-in of both live daily episodes and weekly roundup episodes every Sunday. Our campaign not only far exceeded benchmarks but also earned more views than clicks, meaning it drove viewers to watch multiple follow-on pieces of content.


  • 1.9M paid views
  • 7.83% CTR (96% above benchmark)
  • 12.5M impressions
  • 130K+ earned views ($13K+ value, 53% above benchmark
  • 1,000+ earned subscribers
Video Ad

Targeted Media


Promote Lexus's LStudio Presents slate of original content and bring traffic to both and LStudio's YouTube property

Campaign: LStudio Presents

Sample Ad 30x60 Ad Roadblock caption example We ran a hypertargeted campaign of TrueView in-stream and in-search ads promoting two of LStudio's original shows, The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet and Friendship All-Stars. We used our data to zero in on users searching for celebrity and animation content on YouTube, as well as users whose interests intersected with Lexus's content.


  • overdelivered by 163K views (7.84%), equivalent to $19K+ in added value
  • 6.80% CTR from views, above benchmark
  • 0.41% in-search view rate
  • 52K+ earned views
  • 0.39 earned-view-to-click ratio for in-stream format
Video Ad

Targeted Media


Support the season's first two episodes and a two-part special of The Thundermans with a hypertargeted media campaign to drive views strictly across YouTube

Campaign: Thundermans

Sample Ad 30x60 Ad Roadblock caption example Fullscreen ran a hypertargeted campaign with three components tailored to Nickelodeon's objectives. First, a TrueView campaign that singled out viewers based on content keywords. Second, reserve prerolls running across channels in the Fullcsreen network using third-party data targeting to reach the appropriate audience. And third, 100% SOV roadblocks targeting Fullscreen channels that were chosen based on audience analytics skewing toward the youngest age breaks in our network. This powerful cobination of keyword, interest, and content targeting overdelivered on all fronts.


  • Overdelivered by 100K+ impressions (nearly $10K in added value)
  • CTR for video impressions 83% above benchmark
  • Above-average completion rates for all six roadblock spots
Video Ad

Targeted Media

NBC The Voice

Spread the word online about the premiere of Season 4 of The Voice by targeting music fans on YouTube

Campaign: The Voice Season 4

Sample Ad 30x60 Ad Roadblock caption example Fullscreen delivered 100% share-of-voice preroll takeovers across top music channels within our music network, using content targeting to reach fans perfectly matched to NBC's message. Simultaneously, we deployed an Influencer+ campaign, supplementing NBC's media buy with custom influencer shout-outs from select influencers we hand-picked from the Fullscreen creator network.


  • 1.8M video views
  • 11K+ clicks to
  • 195K views on YouTube
  • 190% overdelivery