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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Fullscreen increase my earnings?

    We help you take advantage of the amazing opportunities of online video. Besides packaging and selling ads on your channel to boost CPMs, we also give you top-level referral bonuses, merchandising and crowdfunding tools, and an awesome sales team that connects you with top brands for ad and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Do I have to give Fullscreen my YouTube account password?

    No way. You manage your YouTube account exactly as already are. Once you're connected into our CMS (content management system), we serve ads on your content by claiming your videos the same way you always have—you don’t have to do anything.

  • Does Fullscreen own my videos?

    Absolutely not! We only ask to manage your ad inventory on your channel. The rest is up to you!

  • How does Fullscreen grow my audience?

    The best ways to get famous as a creator are to make awesome content, follow content creation best practices, and collab with other influential creators. We’ve built a whole set of custom apps to help you manage and analyze your video descriptions, tags, release schedule, and even your content itself to make sure you're on track for long-term success. And your personalized Fullscreen Creator Platform helps you connect you with other Fullscreeners, participate in large-scale collabs, and join in on fun events designed for creators like you.

  • How much money will I make?

    That's up to you! We have the tools and expertise to help you grow as a professional creator, but in the end, your career is in your hands. Many Fullscreeners have grown from complete newbies to online video superstars within our network, using our tools and support—see our Success Stories right on this page.

  • How do I join?

    Click below to submit your channel information for our review. If your application isn’t successful the first time, don't worry! Just keep making compelling original content and try again in the future.

Our Last Night

Formed in 2004, Our Last Night are a post-hardcore band from New England—Trevor and Matthew Wentworth, Alex “Woody” Woodrow, and Tim Molloy. They came to Fullscreen in February 2013, early in their online video careers.

After a crash course in best practices, we helped them optimize their channel and benefit from SEO so they could get their music heard. As we discussed upload schedules, we got OLN releasing content on a regular basis and kicked off a ‘summer of covers’, using Fullscreen’s Cover Songs app so OLN could start to monetize pop songs. OLN rode their growing momentum into a crowdfunding campaign that earned three times the amount they hoped for. They used these funds to record their first independent original album, Oak Island—and their strong online video presence lifted the album into the top five rock albums on iTunes within a week of release. Since finishing Oak Island, OLN have worked on a mix of both new original songs and covers—and they’re still just getting started.

Fullscreen is a leader in new media, paving the way to a whole new era of music entertainment. They encourage musicians to explore their creativity and push the boundaries and are supportive every step of the way. –Our Last Night
  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 45.6x subscribers increase over 2 months

  • 26.1x views increase over 2 months



Mister Epic Mann delivers huge laughs through some of the finest video sketch comedy online, pure and simple.

We helped MEM make the most of ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’, his monster breakout hit—taking views, subs, and earnings the furthest they could possibly go as the video soared to viral greatness. We managed the media swarm that followed this super-viral video, helped MEM ramp up to a sequel, amplified his reach by booking other top creators to spread the word, and used Content ID to protect MEM’s creativity make sure he earned income from the countless unauthorized reuploads that appeared on YouTube. After 100+ million views on ‘Animals’ alone and 100,000 new subs in the course of one week, MEM is working closer than ever with Fullscreen on video production and creative support as his brand continues to grow.

Ever since I began working with Fullscreen, I’ve seen many opportunities I never would have come across on my own. –MisterEpicMann
  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 1,269.0x subscribers increase over 8 months

  • 488.8x views increase over 8 months


La Fênix

An insane, hilarious stunt-comedy team from Brazil, La Fênix have been performing their trademark insanos for almost a decade—but it wasn’t til they got online and partnered with Fullscreen that things really took off.

When La Fênix came to us in June 2012, they had tons of great ideas but needed affordable, good-quality music to use in their videos and were short on ad money to cover their production costs. We gave them rights management help, set them up with our huge library of free AudioMicro music and effects tracks, and boosted their earnings beyond ads with our Gorilla sponsorship campaigns and referral program. Through their own hard work, multiple Gorilla campaigns, and countless one-on-one calls with our talent managers and support teams, La Fênix has become an unstoppable force in the Brazilian online video universe.

  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 6.3x subscribers increase over 10 months

  • 3.4x views increase over 10 months



Scott’s channel is where comedy and slow motion unite. With awe-inspiring production values at shoestring budgets, his videos are as laugh-out-loud funny as they are bizarrely beautiful.

Scott is part of a new breed of young filmmakers who can make a few thousand dollars look like a million and generate serious laughs at the same time. Since Scott partnered with Fullscreen, we’ve helped him with asset protection—making sure unauthorized reuploads of his content are claimed so he can earn income from those views—and introduced him to great brands like Virgin, Ubisoft, and AT&T. Those sponsorships have helped ensure Scott’s longevity as a filmmaker, giving him ways to fund his projects and shoot with larger budgets.

  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 31.2x subscribers increase over 6 months

  • 40.2x views increase over 6 months


David So

An incredibly funny comedian with an urban flair, David has a commanding but gentle presence that lets him rip on tough topics and get away with it. His strong opinions quickly won him a solid core of die-hard fans, and he joined Fullscreen in 2011 with about 60,000 subs.

Thanks to the quality of David’s material and a boost from our talent management team, DavidSoComedy become one of the fastest growing online video channels anywhere. David has exceptional talent performing in other formats, so we helped him take his brand even further by getting him cast as the host of both The ISH List on the myISH channel and a new show on Vevo that we set up for him—boosting his visibility and income even further.

  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 12.5x subscribers increase over 10 months

  • 3.3x views increase over 10 months


Connor Franta

Connor is the ringleader and top dog of the heartthrob vlogging group Our2ndLife (O2L). He had all the makings of a star when he first came to Fullscreen in September 2013: a rabid following, good looks, and an insatiable drive for success.

Since, he’s tapped our deep relationships across the entertainment and branded content world to work regularly with major sponsors like AT&T, Nokia, and Hulu. We helped him book a month-long, 18-city US tour with the O2L guys and set up his empire for success with the best legal and business managers in town. Connor’s already grown his brand massively, and he’s now poised for even bigger stardom, powered by one of the most aggressive networks and management teams in digital.

  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 1.9x subscribers increase over 7 months

  • 1.8x views increase over 7 months



ScottVsBox is an off-the-wall nerd product unboxing channel hosted by the excitable Scott, who’s turned unboxing into an art form.

He partnered with Fullscreen right after creating his channel, hoping to use our Gorilla sponsorship opportunities to introduce his format directly to brands. After Scott participated in over a dozen brand campaigns within his first year, we awarded him his own marketing campaign for his high-quality sponsored videos that let other Fullscreeners make videos promoting the ScottVsBox channel. That effort alone raised Scott’s subscribers more than 40%—and overall, he’s grown subs more than 7x and views nearly 70x in two years with Fullscreen. Scott now has two ongoing brand sponsorships, his Gorilla earnings regularly outpace his ad earnings, and fans all over the world send him free products to unbox!

Fullscreen has allowed me to have creative freedom to do projects that I’m passionate about that I can share with people around the world. I’ve made with Gorilla campaigns than I have with my AdSense, and I’ve had sponsors reach out for additional brand integrations that have provided me with great new business partnerships. –ScottVsBox
  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 7.5x subscribers increase over 4 months

  • 68.0x views increase over 4 months


Night Owl

Meet Night Owl Cinematics: a team of independent cinematographers who have built their awesomely produced short films and skits into one of the most popular video channels in Singapore.

They joined Fullscreen in May 2013, at about 25,000 subs and 40,000 monthly views. Our day-to-day communication, creative support, and customized talent management—from basic SEO tricks to completely original creative production ideas—have helped Night Owl more than double their earnings, quadruple their subscribers, and grow their average monthly views more than 30x.

Our experience has certainly improved after we signed with Fullscreen. Our earnings doubled, and on our best month, tripled. –Night Owl Cinematics
  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 3.9x subscribers increase over 10 months

  • 3.4x views increase over 10 months



Lohanthony is an irreverent teen tastemaker who preaches his own brand of truth to a cable TV network–sized army of followers who hang onto his every word each week.

When we found him in June 2013, he clearly already had the most important ingredient for stardom—an original, creative voice—but lacked the support he needed to raise his profile. We completely revamped and optimized Lohanthony’s channel and started connecting him with Hollywood. Since he came on with Fullscreen, Anthony has more than doubled his subscribers, participated in numerous projects with MTV—from red carpet work at the VMAs to a co-hosting gig on MTV.com’s Teen Wolf After After Show—and done branded work with major companies like Ubisoft, Participant Media, and AT&T. We set up our talent for career-long marathons, not sprints. And at only 14 years of age, Anthony alrady has a great lead.

  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 2.4x subscribers increase over 9 months

  • 1.9x views increase over 9 months



A top-notch gamer, SSundee signed with us in January 2013, looking for a network that would support him but give him full freedom to preserve his creative vision as his channel grew.

We kicked off with initial strategy sessions covering SEO, tagging, metadata, and other fixes to boost SSundee’s viewership. We started actively managing the growing volume of business inquiries he received, helping him sort through and evaluate all the opportunities that came his way. Since, we’ve pitched SSundee regularly in our integration and sales packages, hooking him up with Gorilla sponsorship campaigns with great brands ranging from 20th Century Fox to E!—and his channel has grown more than 20x.

  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 19.0x subscribers increase over 1 months

  • 14.7x views increase over 1 months



Aaron Hatch—Fresh Big Mouf to his fans—is a beat scout pioneer, drawing live beats from the world around him like no one else can.

After hearing about Fullscreen from a friend, he realized we were the right fit for his goal to take his talent online and grow his audience. When he joined us in August 2013, Aaron had little more than raw talent and a fresh idea—so together, we started his channel from scratch. After nailing down Aaron’s goals and focusing on what makes him unique, we realized he was a perfect fit for collabs and branded opportunities. We connected Aaron with some of the biggest names in online music, from Sam Tsui to Kina Grannis, and some of the biggest names in advertising, from Kia to NuSkin. Within just a few months, we helped Aaron make the leap into music as a full-time career, with his video channel at the center of his brand.

Fullscreen took me when I was just starting out. They really believed in me, and their hard work reflected that. We’re making something greater together than I would have apart. –FreshBigMouf
  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 9.3x subscribers increase over 8 months

  • 17.3x views increase over 8 months



Explosm is best known for creating Cyanide + Happiness, one of the top webcomics and animation groups online.

They came to Fullscreen hoping to establish a strong base for their new animation shorts and series online. They were already pretty big, with 680,000 subs when they joined—but we took them to the next level with talent management services, overall channel strategy and day-to-day maintenance, rights mangement for their content, and support as they localized their videos to hook audiences outside the US. Cyanide & Happiness is now bigger than ever, at more than 1.8 million subs and more than 15 million views a month.

From day one, our Fullscreen talent manager’s strategic planning helped us structure our channel to maximize growth, increase conversions, and prevent content management issues with our channel. I don’t have worry about my content—he takes care of it. –Cyanide + Happiness
  • Subscribers
  • Average Monthly Views
  • 2.7x subscribers increase over 0 months

  • 3.1x increase in average monthly views



Unbox Therapy is the foremost unboxer on YouTube, and his high-quality videos have become a magnet for viewers looking for reviews and insights on the latest consumer tech products.

Since he already had a solid audience of 500,000 subs when he joined Fullscreen in August 2013, we’ve focused on arranging sponsorships and product integrations so Unbox Therapy can make the most of his reach while always staying true to his voice and his fans. Since, we’ve provided day-to-day tech support and optimization to grow Unbox Therapy’s channel while hooking him up with brands ranging from AT&T to Sony PS4. He’s grown his subs more than 7x and views more than 15x since signing with us, and we’re proud to be his partner as he keeps on unboxing.

  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 6.8x subscribers increase over 8 months

  • 14.5x views increase over 8 months



As both a successful Minecrafter and a solid sketch director and comedian, Zach Letter has online video talent in spades.

Zach chose Fullscreen as his partner for his gaming channel, Aviator Gaming, in January 2013. We both saw a bigger opportunity, and with our help Zach expanded from a Minecraft-only channel to create BAHMLounge, a collab-fueled online video destination for sketch comedy shorts featuring his brother Tyson (bigmacnation) and his friends Josh (burtgasm) and Steve (mlghwnt). From a single channel with 110,000 subs, together we’ve built Zach a brand new identity and content property that’s seen tremendous growth in just a few short months.

Fullscreen is part of my family. From day one their biggest interest was to see me blossom and grow. Thanks to their great support and amazing business sense I’m well on my way. –AviatorGaming
  • Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • 4.0x subscribers increase over 3 months

  • 3.4x views increase over 3 months